Write a Professional Biograph, Samples and Templates

Which three words would you employ to explain yourself? Most folks are asked this question, and lots of folks have fumbled through it awkwardly. Coming up with a private description are often daunting. But there are times when it’s essential – whether we’re updating our LinkedIn profiles, blogging for Medium or creating an internet site of our own.

Write a Professional Biograph, Samples and Templates | Website Design Agency

In this post, we’ll re-evaluate the way to write a bio, step by step. to assist guide you, we’ve also included a handy template, along side some professional bio examples for your inspiration. With these resources, you’ll find that writing a bio is far easier than you would possibly think.

What is a bio?

Before you find out how to write down a bio, you ought to have a transparent understanding of what it’s and why you would like it.

In the world of literature, a private biography can span the length of a whole novel, like Nelson Mandela’s Long Walk to Freedom or Malala Yousafzai’s i’m Malala. within the online world, however, a bio may be a short paragraph during which you introduce yourself. Typically, people place bios on the About Us page of their professional website, also as on their social media pages and other networking platforms.

Depending on your audience and goals, your bio can highlight your personal interests, your professional achievements or a mixture of both. Here are a number of the weather a bio might include:

  • Job title or workplace
  • University degree and other qualifications
  • Hometown or city of residence
  • Personal or professional goals
  • Mission statement and values
  • Skills and expertise

Interests and hobbies

The goal of writing a bio is to supply people with a snapshot of who you’re. this is often important for a spread of reasons, whether it’s drawing people toward your personal website or promoting your blog, attracting clients and business partners to your brand, or highlighting your achievements for job interviews.


Write a Professional Biograph, Samples and Templates | Website Design Agency

How to write a brief bio

The most effective online bios are both professional and concise. Here’s the way to write a brief bio that suits your website or brand:

  • Introduce yourself
  • State your company or name
  • Explain your professional role
  • Include professional achievements
  • Discuss your passions and values
  • Mention your personal interests

01. Introduce yourself

Begin your bio by stating your first and surname. If you’re writing within the person, these should be the primary two words of the paragraph. This makes your name easy for your audience to spot and remember.

02. State your company or name

Think about whether you would like your bio to represent yourself on a private level, or whether you’d love it to return across as more professional. If you’ve got a private brand or business – as an example, a blog, freelance business, or eCommerce site – make certain to say your name at the start of your bio. Don’t be afraid if the name sounds simple or redundant. It’s perfectly fine, for instance, to mention Mary Smith is that the founder and CEO of Smith Digital.

Likewise, be happy to say the name of another company or brand that you simply work for if you’d wish to associate it together with your professional accomplishments – e.g., Mary Smith maybe a consultant at Google and therefore the founder and CEO of Smith Digital.

03. Explain your professional role

Next, briefly explain your current position. this is often relevant whether you’re the founding father of a corporation, a high-level specialist, or a beginner in your field, and it is often almost like the outline you’ve got on your resume. Your website visitors won’t necessarily know what your job involves, so elaborating on your primary responsibilities helps paint an image of who you’re and what you’ve got to supply.

04. Include professional achievements

In addition to explaining what your job entails, highlight milestones that cause you to stand out. albeit you haven’t won a gift or gained external recognition, you’ll discuss ways during which you’ve contributed to your professional role and touch on new ideas or approaches that you simply bring back the table.

05. Discuss your passions and values

Once you describe what you are doing and the way you contribute to your role, you’ll got to explain the why. this is often one among the foremost important elements to specialize in as you think about the way to write a bio.

Think about the values and passions underlying your work, also as your professional philosophy. What gets you up within the morning? What’s the drive behind what you do?

You can also consider this a part of your bio as a sort of mission statement. Perhaps your mission is to serve others, contribute to society, grow your expertise or learn new skills. Whatever your reasons, the expansion of these ideas can help your audience get a far better understanding of what truly matters to you.

06. Mention your personal interests

The most effective short bios won’t only specialize in your professional experience, but also will touch on what you wish to try to to in your spare time. Consider mentioning:

  • Your family
  • Your hometown
  • Your hobbies
  • Side projects you’re performing on

Transitioning to a more casual discussion of who you’re outside of labor may be a good way to conclude your bio. this may present you as a more well-rounded person while making you relatable for your audience.


Write a Professional Biograph, Samples and Templates | Website Design Agency

Professional bio template

As you undergo the steps on the way to write a bio, this handy template will assist you get started:

Sentence 1: [Name] may be a [job title] who [job description].

E.g., Lisa Green is an English teacher who teaches starting to advanced literature courses for 10th and 11th grade students at Bloomfield highschool .

Sentence 2: [Name] believes that [why you are doing the work you do].

E.g., Lisa believes that written and analytical skills aren’t only a fundamental a part of academic excellence, but also are the building blocks of critical thinking in highschool and beyond.

Sentence 3: [Name/pronoun] has [mention your achievements].

E.g., additionally to managing English curriculum for the varsity , she runs an after school program where she works one-on-one with students.

Sentence 4: [Name/pronoun] may be a [mention any relevant awards, training or honors].

E.g., She has also been nominated Teacher of the Year for 2 consecutive years.

Sentence 5: [Name/pronoun] holds a [insert degree] in [field of study] from [university].

E.g., Lisa holds a BA in Creative Writing and a Master’s Degree in Teaching from the University of Michigan.

Once you’ve filled during this template, put it all at once into one paragraph to make an initial framework for your professional biography. Note that you simply can shorten or expand upon this bio consistent with your unique needs.


Write a Professional Biograph, Samples and Templates | Website Design Agency

Tips for writing a bio

As you write your bio using the professional template above, confirm to stay the subsequent tips in mind:

Keep it concise: Your bio should be sufficiently explanatory, but it should even be short and to the purpose . an honest rule of thumb is to stay each element of your bio – from your description to your mission statement and hobbies – to about 1-2 sentences. That way, you’ll find yourself with a quick paragraph that holds your readers’ attention without rambling on.

Consider your audience: The voice and tone you select for your biography largely depends on your audience and private goals. If you’re trying to find employment and are writing primarily for recruiters, you’ll want to use a significant , professional tone. On the opposite hand, if you’re creating an Instagram bio, think about using more casual, conversational language that reflects your personality.

Add humor: Relatedly, consider adding humor when appropriate. this is often especially valuable if you’ve founded your own business or created your own website, because it can offer you a definite brand identity while helping your audience build a stronger sense of reference to your brand.

Link to your website: When writing a bio for a platform aside from your own website – a social media page, another company page, or a guest blog or publication – remember to incorporate a link to your website. this may assist you promote your website while highlighting your professionalism and authority.

Adapt for various platforms: You’ll presumably got to adapt the length and literary genre of your biography to suit different platforms. for instance , you’ll place a extended bio on your website’s About page and a shorter one on your LinkedIn page. In these cases, use an equivalent main principles for writing a bio while cutting down the foremost important elements.

By following the following pointers , you’ll create a strong bio that helps you stand call at your field and allows your audience to urge to understand you better.

Now that you simply know the fundamentals of writing knowledgeable bio, here are some short bio examples to inspire you. you’ll use these examples as additional templates for guidance as you craft your own personal biography.

Like the creators of those examples, you’ll place your bio on your personal or professional website and, later, revise the structure for other online platforms.

01. Bristol Guitar Making School

Of all the professional bio examples, Alex Bishop’s content exudes passion. Strategically placing the bio on the About page of his small business website, he highlights his skills and explains why he finds his work meaningful. especially , we love his description of why he chose to pursue guitar making:

“ My passion as a guitar maker comes from a life-long obsession with making things. From a young age I even have always tried to control objects and materials so as to make something entirely different. I find that working with wood may be a way on behalf of me to attach with nature. the straightforward act of shaping wood to form something functional or beautiful brings me endless satisfaction.”

He also lists his accomplishments and awards, adding credibility to his business and building trust among prospective clients.

Write a Professional Biograph, Samples and Templates | Website Design Agency

02. Pei Jung Ho

Artist Pei Jung Ho’s brief professional description on her graphic design website is an efficient example of a brief bio. She concisely highlights her skills and knowledge , holding the readers’ attention while sticking to the essential details. Notably, she shows why her approach is exclusive and the way it’s rooted in her cultural heritage, helping her stand out from other artists within the field. As she explains:

“ Having been an student for 12 years, I constantly explore various disciplines to broaden my very own artistic pursuits, integrating a art background with design studies and illustration. My current areas of interest and exploration are my Taiwanese culture, human-centered design, and branding. I begin projects by thoroughly researching then developing my ideas through creativity.”

03. Amanda Shields Interiors

Amanda Shields provides us with another effective bio example on her interior design website. Importantly, she spices up her bio by explaining how home decor aligns together with her personal life and why it’s so on the brink of her heart as a mother and entrepreneur:

“After working as a product designer for varied retailers over the years, and after I had my first child, i made a decision to require the plunge and begin my very own home staging business…. Coincidentally, a month later I discovered i used to be pregnant with my second child. I loved the new challenges I faced as a replacement entrepreneur and mom and it didn’t take long on behalf of me to get that this was my calling…. I felt the necessity to expand my business and launch Amanda Shields Interiors as its own entity to focus specifically on residential interiors and style .”

By placing this content on her website’s About page, she provides potential clients with insights into her expertise and professional experience. She expands upon the alternatives she made along her career path, strategically making note of her achievements and purchased skills along the way.

As we’ve noted within the examples above, one among the foremost strategic places to place your bio is on your website. Whether the goal of your site is to market your business, showcase your online portfolio or display your resume, including a bio gives your audience a glimpse into the author your content. Show the planet what you are doing , how you are doing it, and why it matters, and other people are going to be drawn to your passion and inspired by your experience.
this page was published on November 1, 2020