The First Comparison of 2020 Hosting Plans

Well… I guess the title explains itself since this is the one or let’s be honest internet world surfs fast… maybe one of the first comparisons. I was looking around the hosting plans as the fastest and the best deals especially in and after black Friday or cyber week deals. Let’s cut it short and get into the straight to the topic. I also would like to say that I didn’t get paid nor somebody hired me to write this article. So, whatever you will read in this article is all about my very personal real research by taking my time one by one on these companies… I will attach the screenshots and you may compare yourselves too. You won’t be regretting reading this article, I promise you worth it and will save you so much time and future headaches by helping you to save some serious bucks.

The First Comparison of 2020 Hosting Plans

What You’ll Learn

  • The best hosting company with the recommended plan especially managed pro hosting plans. You will learn the best high-end plans for managed hosting plans.
  • You won’t see un-managed hosting plans; however, it is not most people need. You want them to manage your hosting back-end so you can be worry-free…
  • Mostly high-level hosting plans such as VPS or dedicated server (but believe me I’m a magician… kidding… an experienced web developer) and it is also the same thing for other small plans too. Because hosting with the best high plans, is the best hosting company for every plan, is that make sense?
  • Comparing the hosting features you will really need and the deadly reasons why, are they going to be important for your website design projects!

What are The Best Features you need for your Hosting?

This one is actually pretty simple and you may literally make a list out of them, there is no need any confusion! You need tools to fix a car right, so it is pretty much the same thing, you need some tools, some useful features as the basic ground you need to have on your best hosting plan.

  • Storage: You may see some hosting companies with UNLIMITED storage… And yet we are like What? Unlimited? Can I finally have my own NETFLIX!!! And right there I will need to stop you before you get into those dreams with money plans… No… There is no really UNLIMITED storage. If you get an unlimited storage deal however you will be limited to some hidden numbers and your data transfer speed (which is almost one the most important deal) will be slow as a duck…

Slow Hosting like a Duck

  • Bandwidth: So far, we don’t host a million-visitor website right… However, hopefully, you will! (then call me to let me your web developerThis is very specific information and I need you to read it right, please… “You need to have a caching system, file compression setup with merging the files on your website” that way you may save your website for let’s say every 1000 visitors cost you from 5gb to the 3gb drastically! (my numbers were 5mb un-compressed website vs 3mb compressed fast website) HOWEVER… I assure you to use a simple (free one at least) a CDN service on your website so you can catch at least %60 of your traffic so no harm happened on your so-called Bandwidth at all! Some options are BunnyCDN or
  • RAM (memory): How your computer faster with more memory, same thing for server computers and your website. If you are going to get a VPS or a Dedicated server this is one of the important things as well. Other shared accounts on your server computer may have some memory load sometimes, you may not be lucky with your neighbors on the server. So, you will need at least +2GB of memory no matter what you do because cPanel needs at least 2gb of memory to be able to work sufficiently.
  • SSL (Security): Yes, you need it! Oh yes definitely! You know Google’s penguin algorithm is being a giant and getting everyone with the security issues. So, you need that setup on your hosting. There are many hosting plans that give that feature for free so calling Auto SSL aka Free SSL with auto-renewal terms of 3 months and let me tell you something, its no different than others you pay for as SEO or speed, etc.
Google Penguin Algorithm will get you...

Google Penguin Algorithm will get you…

  • cPanel, Managed Server: You want and need the hosting company to manage your server for you. That’s why you pay them! Otherwise just get a Dell server at home and work with it… Do it yourself? That’s not how it works. You need to focus on your work, on your website design and other things. You think you will save some bucks but eventually, you will need replacements this that issue, headache, hospital bills etc. :D You need that responsibility not on your shoulder. Let them install cPanel and manage it for you. However, you will still have all the access you need.
  • CPU Cores: Some hosting company doesn’t even mention the cores you will get. This is kind of OK for shared servers, custom WordPress hosting etc. But you want that very specific information on a VPS and Dedicated server very importantly. However you want it to be an Intel Xeon Processor for sure. VPS may not tell you the GHz but dedicated servers must have that information no matter what.
  • Dedicated IPs: Do you need that? Well… let me ask you that way, do you need SEO? Are you serious about getting some organic traffic? If yes! then you need to consider getting some dedicated IPs on your server. Some companies you will see they don’t mention at all… It’s not because dedicated IPs are not important, its because they are small enough to ignore it. They may be a big hosting company but their customer audience are small clients so it’s not something they focus on, you hear me, right?

Find a Loyal Hosting Company!

That was all good before these cyber week deals and hosting companies started to get involved with Black Friday deals and all. They were such normal service companies with loyalty and then they realized they should have given some deals sometimes to get a greater number of customers. What happened is that they came up with the plans for first or 2 years of terms and even 3 years of terms so you stay longer and you might end up paying much more at the end of your term. It doesn’t even make sense for me I’m a loyal customer and I stay with you and yet you charge me more than a newbie… That doesn’t make sense. So, you will see the companies with their term prices and after term prices here on this article and I would tell you to make a smart choice, you don’t need to pay a treasure on your hosting plan. You have a business to handle with so many other expenses already. This is may one of the last things in your bucket.

5 Hosting Companies Comparison List for 2020

5 Hosting Companies Comparison List for 2020

These hosting companies are some of the worth to share list, however I could add some more but simply that 5 companies already give you some idea about what is going on in the hosting industry.

Note: Listing order is random, so the first one is not the best one, you may read my final conclusion at the end of the page.

  • Bluehost VPS and Dedicated Hosting Plans

Phone: 888.401.4678 Website:

Bluehost VPS Hosting

60GB storage as the middle package is not really sufficient enough space… You might think is pretty fine but for the price of $60 monthly no it’s not the deal you want to get. However, I can’t say I’m not surprised when I see they give 2 dedicated IPs. Well that’s a cost of $50 a year on many hosting companies and you need dedicated IPs, remember. So, $60 a month makes $720 per year. I don’t want to say bad… however I don’t think its also the best deal yet. But maybe an alternative option. It comes with cPanel and Free Auto SSL yes!

bluehost vps

Bluehost Dedicated Hosting

Well, when we talk about dedicated hosting, we need to most mention on CPU cores and RAM memories right? That’s why it is dedicated to your website or websites. You need that information. BUT Bluehost dedicated hosting didn’t mention about what is the amount of THREAD are we going to have with their dedicated plans… That’s an issue. What are my expectations? Am I paying for what?

bluehost dedicated

I don’t think Bluehost really famous with its high-performance processors, and that’s why they don’t want to really mention about it. You may also see their GHz are the lowest in the industry standards. You don’t want to have dedicated hosting with 2.3GHz or 2.5GHz and if you are getting 3.3GHz and end up paying $2000 a year well… Think again. That’s a good amount of money there.

  • HostGator VPS and Dedicated Hosting Plans

Phone: 855.684.8171 Website:

I don’t really like to start any company being cautious… But am I going to manipulate the reality to honor some company? Or at least am I going, to be honest with my visitors, and my readers who are taking their time to read this article. I rather say all honest reality. I want you to see the following images about their prices how different than how they really represent marketing and how really small hard to see kind of way to let customers know. I don’t appreciate companies when they do that. You see a big brand and you want to feel more comfortable right? Is it me only? They are huge and why trying such things? Small tiny letters are hard to see etc.

HostGator VPS Hosting

hostgator vps

You first see 4GB RAM and saying OK! 2 Cores yeah… 165GB Storage and being $40 starting at…? With stars at the end of the price… Here tricky part comes let’s click BUY NOW! Before that also there is NO cPanel, NO SSL. Is it even SSD or 15 years old technology HDD? It doesn’t say… So, I don’t like to come up with assumptions but it seems like HDD

hostgator vps plans

This is what reality kicks in after you click on that fancy attractive BUY NOW! Button… So, the price goes $60 a month since we compare 12 months agreements to be fair on everyone however it renews at $130 a month so that will make $1560… Oh my sweet merciful panda J… There is a saying say no more… Right? NO SSL, NO cPanel, NO SSD… Yeap, that’s it.

HostGator Dedicated Hosting

hostgator dedicated

Let’s talk about the pricing later. There is no dedicated IP given. NO cPanel, but XEON D type processors… They also mention about THREADs such as 8,16. There is something says “Unmetered Bandwidth” that just started to happen between hosting companies but if you click on that you see that message.

hostgator unmetered web hosting

%25 of resource for only longer than 90 seconds… and yet they are saying “Again, it is very rare for a customer who is managing a personal or small business website to exceed our usage policies.

Well the reason you want to get Dedicated Hosting is that you need power anytime with any big process… You don’t just get a Shared simple WordPress hosting paying $3 a month… You limit those guys, not a dedicated one.

There is NO Processor GHz information, BUT let’s try to talk on numbers you have 8 Cores with 16 Thread and 16GB Ram, yet your website getting nice visitors and busy in the background doing some database import and working on script systems and already busy with some basic Backup Cron jobs… Your CPU and memory usage most likely to increase as a matter of fact.

Yet you use %25 of your resource for only 1.5 minutes import (which may take sometimes 1 hour to import such WooCommerce products or price updating as bulk) So you will use only ¼ of your RAM and CPU which is 4GB and 2 Core and you are already violating the “Unmetered Bandwidth” usage… cPanel alone only needs 2GB of RAM and 2 Cores to work nicely. Well Long story short. I need my bandwidth limited as GB not as a resource on my Hosting plan. Let me break down on the pricing in reality… not as seen as on the first fancy shiny page…

hostgator dedicated plans

$250 a month with a renewal cost on their Power level plan makes $3000 So If you read that $138.99 a month it is with 36 months of a term with a renewal cost of $250. Remember what I told you about LOYAL Hosting companies. What happened to “you stay more pay less type of deals”? Should I keep changing the Hosting company like every year like a laundry mat? Is it how it works now? Let’s not be hopeless yet. We got 3 more Hosting companies to talk about.

  • Inmotion Hosting VPS and Dedicated Hosting Plans

Phone: 888.321.4678

This is a Loyal company… You will be thinking about me after reading this if I’m definitely owned by those guys… Your answer is NOPE IM NOT! But I won’t be keeping my experiences as well. They aren’t THE BEST. They are a real alternative option you may consider. You can have some good deals even after your hosting plan first- or the second-year term expires… They will work with you to keep you! You want your website clients to stay with you they want the same thing for you as their client. Their website design especially they call so AMP (Account Management Panel) may surprise how poorly it is designed and all same for even decades of no changes made, I suggest you not to have domains as well since they are a reseller of other companies with some poor domain management panel. But we are here to talk on Hosting Plans not other things. Let’s break it down…

Inmotion VPS Hosting

inmotion vps

You may first see a good low price saying $100 a month as a regular price and $29 a month as a discounted price… That’s for 3 years of the term and they don’t really tell you at the very last minute about that pricing information, So I appreciate the way it is.

inmotion vps plans

As you see 12 Months of Term with $45 a month makes $540 a year and that price on renewal goes to $90 a month total of $1080 Let me tell you straight call them and ask the deal they will honor you as a loyal customer and you may have %25 discounted price back, just be nice 😊 So that makes $864 a year. So everything like a dream huh? Seems we are about to find the good darn hosting? Well…

You get 6GB RAM…STOP right here… This was a surprise for me too after some nice happy experience with them. It seems won’t end up happy… Check this disclaimer on that RAM.

inmotion vps memory

6GB RAM = 3GB or 4GB becomes only 1.5 GB as “allocated RAM” and they so call “Burstable RAM will be available during times of need for increased resources” Yeah but that doesn’t seem just fine… You need a VPS server and what makes a VPS server a VPS. It is Virtual PRIVATE Server. I mean it is PRIVATE. Is it not? Why am I sharing my available RAM with some other STRANGER DANGER neighbors next to my hosting account?

stranger danger

I don’t know if they are going to throw a wild party

wild party

I can tell you no worries if you just using some very simple websites but when you need a resource on your VPS as it should be especially on RAM Memory you need to talk on numbers not shared this shared Allocated etc. Having sufficient enough of empty memory makes you fast. Not a memory you call it and it may be available if there is available memory.

So, everything is so far good with cPanel, Free SSL, 150 GB SSD, 5TB Bandwidth, 4 dedicated IPs! WOW! Yet don’t be so much happy because they also share your CPU too…

inmotion cpu

I really liked all the details except RAM and CPU strange configurations… These guys represent those features as they are doing something better BUT just create a VULTR account and deploy your very own hosting with the same configuration of RAM and CPU etc.

See the difference between yourselves… Check the speed, check the amount of CPU usage on your WHM with no websites published yet. See the cPanel speed only or simply create a basic WordPress and browse around at the backend… You will feel how different a VULTR hosting faster even with the same specification of Inmotion (even they claim to be giving more)

inmotion cpu chart

This is the “WHM Service Status” screen with no heavy load already busy with 0.33 of the hosting. I guess I need my CPU owned by me my RAM Memory owned as it is. See how it started great and ended up sad… No Happy end ha… Well this is real life I guess…

Inmotion Dedicated Hosting

Was I rough on this company? I wanted to point you some important details though… OK, I’m going to give you some good news with their dedicated plans. I love dedicated hosting… I really do there is no faking it, no miss understanding. No sharing, no nothing… It is just pure power. You read it you buy it.

inmotion dedicated

I will talk on the recommended plan right away. XEON V6 with 4.2GHz 4 Cores and 8 Throats. 16GB of RAM with 500GB SSD 10 Dedicated IPs, cPanel, Free SSL, DDOS Protection included. Now you are talking. How much I didn’t appreciate the system setup of VPS they finally made it right with dedicated server accounts.

Pricing is not for an entry-level company though. $167 times 12 makes $2004 and price may go up to $200 a month times 12 of $2400 So remember loyal Hosting companies… Call them and be nice as a loyal customer to keep the deal you had, not so promising but worth to try? They know they are not the only ones and there is competition so they use that loyalty to maintain you as their client and that’s what makes them worth to try, I guess.

  • A2 Hosting VPS and Dedicated Hosting Plans

Phone: 734.222.4678 Website:

A2 Hosting VPS Hosting

So, pricing for 1 year is $79 a month total of $948 however first-year costs $474 I’m not so sure if they grant you for following year discount, you may face some surprises.

a2 hosting vps

6GB RAM, 100 GB SSD Storage, Free SSL, 3TB Bandwidth, cPanel “Anytime Money Back Guarantee” saying “We offer an Anytime Money Back Guarantee so you can try us completely risk-free. If you decide we’re not the right host for you, just let us know. We don’t think this we’ll be the case, but we’ll be happy to offer you a refund if that’s what you ultimately decide.”

I mean this is not your goal to keep changing hosting company, however, talking that serious? That is a different level of marketing or something I don’t know yet. Hmm…

eleven minutes later

Yes, I’m still thinking…

Their CPU cores, that 6 Cores one is something really much, it doesn’t say Xeon or what? But this is a VPS hosting you don’t expect that also. So, 6 Cores and even 8 Cores are something above VPS level

Their price is not cheap! That’s for sure but what you are also getting is no joke. They give you 2 dedicated IPs. A2 Hosting even has a product name “Turbo Boost and Turbo Cache” and according to them it makes your website x20 faster. Well not so fast on that, that’s a regular caching system with an optimal setup of Apache and you can do that configuration after having some caching plugins and a good setup of PHP apache configuration without paying them $15 a month extra for that. But worth to try since a plugin works for a website and they give this for the entire hosting plan? Because one of the best cache plugin WP-Rocket costs $250 a year for unlimited websites so A2 Hosting costs $180 a year for unlimited websites. We all know how important website speed it is nowadays, especially people with tamper don’t want to wait ha 😊 and people searching for a good web design agency to do those websites.

A2 Hosting Dedicated Hosting

a2 hosting dedicated

Pricing is straight annual on that, $250 a month with $3000 per year and the first-year cost is $2500 We got 8GB RAM, 4 Cores CPU with Intel Xeon 2.4 GHz, Free SSL, cPanel, 2X500 GB SSD Setup. I guess paying $3000 and still getting 8GB of RAM, it’s not good enough. Inmotion gives 16GB of RAM for $2400 a year or even HostGator with 16GB of RAM for $3000. That price should have been a better RAM amount since it’s an important deal for Dedicated servers. However, they claim to be “RAM Upgradeable To “32GB or even 512GB… Of course, some extra costs… But our goal is to get the best yet paying less or NORMAL at least, shortly they offer “Anytime Money Back Guarantee” that makes them worthy of a try!

  • GoDaddy Hosting VPS and Dedicated Hosting Plans

 Phone: 480.505.8877 Website:

We all know how GoDaddy big and huge this and that blab blab… I guess they have a reason! Most people know GoDaddy as their domain company since they are old dudes since 1997, but talking old they also kept themselves I think updated into every new era so they could survive. I’m serious. Most other people know them also cheap hosting plans with their unbearable custom management panels that drive me crazy… Yes, their custom management panel OMG I won’t make it free. I hope they could make some improvement on that panel to make peoples like easy again! I mean it. But we are here to talk on their VPS and Dedicated plans today. Let’s roll in!

GoDaddy VPS Hosting

I will put 3 images on multiple purchase steps. Here read me right! GoDaddy purchase steps are kind of confusing… I’m not saying like they are faking things or manipulating but it is confusing and you will see what I meant. Just keep reading. I will first introduce you to those strange steps and I would like to break into technical details right after.

godaddy vps

This is the VPS plans, as usual, seems nice right, plans and all ok

godaddy vps plan

This is what you see when you click on that “Add to Cart” So our $45 is $51 as 1 year still fair! Still fair it is. Well, you have an option to select Managed or Self-Managed, however as you read you don’t want to manage your Hosting, you need a managed hosting for sure.

The right section of that screen has $432 as Grow Package and $180 as cPanel hmmm… You are like what’s going on? $51 times 12 makes $612 and the total number is correct but that cPanel is somewhere extra but also excluded from the hosting plan

brain fried

Yeap don’t get it fried yet. We just started hold on…

godaddy vps cart

There you go with this very last section even broke it down into more details ha? cPanel became $10 and something happened as “Uptime Monitoring” goes for $5 a month. OK don’t panic now. I know you can still finish this article; you are going awesome so far 😊

Did you see the NICE! Detail saying “Renews at $36 a month” that’s what you finally want to see. Loyal Company! They give the deal and you may remain like that. Look at the price first year for $504 and after $612 not bad at all… 2 years of a plan for $1080 so goes for even $540. Simple $612 vs $540 right there. Did you Catch it huh?

Did it worth all those confusing numbers? Well hopefully does for 6GB RAM, 3 CPU Cores, 150GB SSD, cPanel, Free SSL, “Remote management console” that’s something unique… I like those deals; 1 Dedicated IP is kind of less… But they sell it for $70 and you can use GoDaddy COUPON codes for %30 off and it goes for $50 Code was “GDD30off” by the way but I’m pretty sure that will update soon so don’t worry about it much and just check it on their website.

I have made a short phone call with “Lindsay Williams from GoDaddy” yesterday and she was pretty nice to me over the phone and I straight asked her about company loyalty and what would happen next year when I renew my account, which I don’t even have an account with them so she was also honest and sharp told me they loved to keep present clients as loyal customers. Longer you stay less you pay as grandfather deal as known as, I would consider that tip for sure. I had some questions to ask her before I put this article on and consider their products.

godaddy lindsay

GoDaddy Dedicated Hosting

So far GoDaddy VPS was good, I think. However, Dedicated is a different scenario… So, before everyone gets so excited to let’s talk about Dedicated hosting plans for GoDaddy…

godaddy dedicated

So, we see 16gb memory, 4 CPU cores with 3.1 GHz, 3 Dedicated IPS ok. I know your question going to be like what is that “Unmetered Bandwidth” before you start to think fishy about it, don’t judge it by the cover.

godaddy unmetered bandwidth

So, you read and didn’t understand much right? Well, that is what happened to me. That is why I called “Lindsay from GoDaddy” and decided to ask her. Let me tell you simply. They don’t measure your bandwidth… As long as you don’t host a Guns N’ Roses Ticketmaster event that gets a million visitors in a day or so… And yet even if you do then you simply let them know about your website visitor level and they adjust your hosting in a way to handle all this traffic as long as you are on a managed hosting plan! So, they don’t decrease your limits or limiting your dedicated hosting CPU or RAM amount as HostGator does for after %25 usage only… GoDaddy doesn’t. You keep your resources as they are in any form of heavy load. They just simply request some pre-information to handle that load for you.

GoDaddy is also very specific on their physical specs such as Processor type 1x Xeon E3-1220-v3, Processor memory 32 GB ECC VLM UDIMM DDR3 1600MHz, (4 X 8), Processor cache 15 MB 8 MB etc… They say everything.

godaddy dedicated plan

If we come back to the deal topic is 12 months of managed dedicated hosting is $1560 for a year for the first year

godaddy dedicated cart

It renews itself for $240 a month + $10 monthly managed services cost a total of $3000 Umm I guess that renewal cost of 48% more is something I wouldn’t enjoy much… But remember the Conversation I made with Lindsay from GoDaddy… She sounded kind of hopeful to me and yet this is what their disclaimer says

godaddy disclaimer

Product renewal pricing subject to change” that is correct! So if they don’t want to lose their all customers and saying in a funny way if they don’t want to go bankruptcy they won’t make their prices higher and instead you may ask for a deal to stay with them as a sake of a nice customer and good business ship 😊 Who knows maybe get the same deal or at least get a 30% off why not? Good website design also should be an affordable website design too, in my opinion.

Bonus Information on Hosting Comparison 2020

I’ve even made 5 more hosting companies research in that comparison but they didn’t seem worthy enough to mention their plans because many of them lack of information on their website. But simply they were;

  • Hostinger: they don’t even have a simple phone number to reach, this is hosting business, you can’t do that. No information for IP, cPanel, SSL? They seem based on Cyprus… that is an island and who builds a hosting company based on an island?
  • Network Solutions: those guys old we know that and they kind of well-known for their domains and not as hosting company I don’t feel like. Yet there is no hosting to be mention well.
  • Known Host: Yes, they got some deals on VPS, as others so far so good. But the dedicated part I can’t even mention well. If I don’t see a hosting company trustworthy for their dedicated hosting plans, I started to think they are doing some reseller job, which I don’t get involve that.
  • SiteGround: I say don’t fool yourselves when you see a nice logo and a nice design website on a hosting company, they don’t seem to have any VPS hosting yet they call may be different I don’t have time trying to understand what they have, I did even took my time and didn’t get it. Their dedicated plans are simply not trying to promote kind of hidden small link goes to outrages prices, from $270 a month to $730 a month???
  • DreamHost: I know they sound very well-known but being well known or having very good marketing doesn’t necessarily mean they are great. VPS plans with again no information for IPs?, cPanel ?, CPU Cores? Bandwidth? I didn’t even feel comfortable to keep checking on their dedicated plans after I saw all those lacks of information.


So far, I have been talking on 10 Hosting companies for the year 2020. Let me be simple after all;

  • Do you need something cheap VPS for (STARTUP)?

The most affordable, reasonable VPS Inmotion Hosting VPS-1000HA-S plan first year is only $300

  • Do you need a 2nd Level VPS? Is it time to get something better before getting a Dedicated Hosting?

The smartest choice, reliable VPS GoDaddy Grow plan first year costs $612

  • Are you sick and tired all those and time for a big change? Yet still, trying to make a smart financial choice?

Go with the more giving but less charging hosting company Inmotion Hosting ADVANCED Dedicated Server plan first year costs $2004

please share your comments below and I will be happy to answer and discuss together.