The Best Nonprofit Websites of 2020 Make a Difference Today

Day in and outing , through much diligence and perseverance, nonprofit organizations do their part in spreading good round the world. These groups promote causes that they really believe , often with limited budgets and resources. Even on a budget, a nonprofit website should be designed during a way that highlights your work and attracts people to your cause.


The Best Nonprofit Websites of 2020 Make a Difference Today | Website Design Agency


A robust online presence can help in raising awareness to the organization’s cause and activities, bringing in donations, and recruiting new volunteers. the most points to stay in mind when creating an internet site for your nonprofit are:

  • 01. Tell a story: Get site visitors excited about your cause and work by showcasing your main activities and highlighting their positive impact.
  • 02. Encourage donations and support: Make it easy for site visitors to contribute to the cause with prominent call-to-action buttons and clear prompts.
  • 03. Build a community: Reach the community you support and recruit like-minded volunteers. Help them stay up-to-date together with your work via social media links, a newsletter subscription, and more.

Below we’ve handpicked 20 of the simplest nonprofit websites out there, created with “Website BUILD and DESIGN”, for your inspiration. Read on to get what it’s that creates them work so well – and appearance this good. As a bonus, we’ve added a couple of free nonprofit website templates to urge you started:

The Best Nonprofit Websites of 2020 Make a Difference Today | Website Design Agency

Best Nonprofit Websites of 2020

  1. “Website BUILD and DESIGN” Stands with Black Lives Matter
  2. HERoines Inc.
  3. Know Your Rights Camp
  4. Black Lives Matter of Greater ny
  5. GEM, Inc.
  6. Cultures of Solidarity
  7. Ocean Data Alliance
  8. Kode with Klossy
  9. Literacy Inc.
  10. Barco Sorriso
  11. Dreams haven’t any Boundaries
  12. Arte
  13. The Give Work Challenge
  14. The Africa Narrative
  15. Hold Your Fire
  16. Ascend
  17. Artrepreneurship
  18. MIGIZI
  19. Good Bitches Baking
  20. Travel with a Purpose, Inc.
  21. CharacTours

01. “Website BUILD and DESIGN” Stands with Black Lives Matter

“Website BUILD and DESIGN” is currently matching donations for every special edition t-shirt sold to organizations empowering the Black community. All proceeds will go towards fighting racism and supporting the Black community, and can be matched by “Website BUILD and DESIGN” with an equal donation. If you’d wish to become involved , purchase a BLM t-shirt and share the page with others.

This fundraising initiative is a component of a broader effort to spotlight Black artists and business owners and support of their work. If you’re a “Website BUILD and DESIGN” user and would really like to submit your website to urge featured, visit our Explore page.

02. HERoines Inc.

HERoines Inc. may be a women’s empowerment platform that motivates and supports women in achieving their dreams. the brilliant website colour scheme of pinks and purples conveys warmth, positivity, and a strong , strong-knit sisterhood.

This striking website maintains visitors’ attention with all kinds of high-quality media features, from photographs to icons, animations and more. It also includes a page dedicated to approaching events, where guests can easily register and RSVP using “Website BUILD and DESIGN” Bookings. There are testimonials of satisfied members of the community, and a blog for sharing anything from empowering lifestyle tips to interviews with HERoines members.

The website is scattered with call-to-action (CTA) buttons that invite visitors to either donate or become a member. just in case you happen to miss any of these , there’s a supplementary Donate button on the proper . This button stays put throughout all of the site’s different pages, with a heart icon that adds a fun and subtle appeal to visitors’ emotions. Down at the footer of the web site are a newsletter subscription form and social media links in order that visitors can stay in-tuned .

03. Know Your Rights Camp

Know Your Rights Camp’s mission statement is to advance the liberation and well-being of Black and Brown communities through education, self-empowerment and mass-mobilization. Their website promotes their initiative starting with a video of civil rights activist and football quarterback Colin Kaepernick, and by clearly laying down the proper s that they support and stand behind – from the proper to be liberal to the right to be alive.

Their bright red Donate call-to-action button stands out against a black background, and stays placed on all pages employing a frozen header. this permits visitors to simply reach it from any point on the web site .

04. Black Lives Matter of Greater ny

Black Lives Matter of Greater ny uses their website as a hub for his or her social activism and cause. Their homepage invites visitors to hitch or Donate with two prominent CTAs. It lists actionable steps that folks can take with the press of a button, from purchasing a t-shirt from their online store in support of their work, to downloading their agenda and list of demands to read and learn from.

By adding a Facebook Page Like Box, the organization automatically shares their latest updates directly on their homepage, while also allowing visitors to love their page with a click and endorse their content.

05. GEM, Inc.

Girls’ Empowerment Matters GEM, Inc. provides a secure space for urban girls from Bronx , where they will turn for private attention, guidance, and mentoring programs. The values at the core of this initiative – from self-worth to expression – are proudly displayed on the website’s top fold, rotating during a typographic animation.

The website boasts a well-defined color palette of purple and teal, which is repeated in its design with geometrical vector art and duotone photography. The purple acts because the primary color, dominating the bulk of the webpage, while the teal is the accent color. thanks to its more limited use within the design, the teal truly stands out when inviting site visitors to ‘Donate,’ ‘Get Involved,’ and ‘RSVP’ to events.

06. Cultures of Solidarity

Cultures of Solidarity may be a growing community of volunteers who, from the beginning of COVID-19, came together to gather surplus produce and dry food from farmers and restaurants, also as donations from individuals. They also deliver food packages and home-cooked meals to seniors, refugees et al. .

Their website creates a way of optimism with a vivid color palette, and is quick to elucidate their work with an outsized VideoBox on the highest fold. the web site footer involves site visitors to require action by providing links for creating donations, volunteering or similar initiatives.

07. Ocean Data Alliance

The Ocean Data Alliance may be a nonprofit organization that utilizes ocean data in hopes of addressing the climate crisis and helping ocean ecosystems. This organization’s work is clear in every aspect of its web design. for instance , maps of coastal cities from round the world, from ny City to Shanghai, are featured within the background, gently gliding on top of 1 another as we scroll down the location .

The titles tie into an equivalent idea by using an animated pixelated font, bringing to mind the info work the alliance does. The concept is further enhanced by the utilization of website animations as we enter the location . the brand design is simply as fitting with the organization’s expertise, with wavy lines that represent the ocean. When clicked, the brand leads back to the homepage for straightforward navigation.

On the highest fold are prominent CTA buttons, inviting site visitors to shop for tickets for an upcoming event or to hitch the organization. These buttons stand out against the general design of the location , with a bright green color and an underline that pulls extra attention.

08. Kode with Klossy

Kode with Klossy may be a not-for-profit initiative by supermodel and entrepreneur Karlie Kloss that aims to show young women to code. the web site launches into a fullscreen video showing young women coding, cheering, learning and taking selfies with Karlie.

Right below the video is that the program’s mission statement, in vivid and fun colors. The website’s design is cheerful, crammed with images of smiling teens. This friendly approach makes the STEM disciplines feel more accessible, helping to inspire young women of all backgrounds.

The website navigation here is formed from three parts: a classic menu on the website’s header, amid two sidebars. On the left may be a bar for social media links, and on the proper are the Donate and Apply CTAs.

09. Literacy Inc.

From its very first fold, Literacy Inc. is quick to deliver every detail site visitors got to know: the name of the organization, three words that describe what it does, and a prominent CTA for donations. Combined with a fullscreen photo of youngsters reading and badges that add credibility and reliability, this website’s homepage ticks all the proper boxes.

The rest of the web site is simply as enticing, with animated infographics, a split-screen website layout (which may be a current web design trend), and parallax scrolling.

10. Barco Sorriso

This nonprofit organization, whose Portuguese name translates to The Boat Called Smile, provides free care and health education to isolated coastal communities in Brazil. Barco Sorriso’s multilingual website is colorful, bright and fully illustrated, with the organization’s logo (a boat which doubles as a winking, smiling face) repeated throughout.

Note the ingenious use of the parallax scrolling effect, which creates a smooth transition between the primary two folds. As we scroll down, the ocean view of the primary fold is gradually obscured behind the greenery of the second, making room for a gorgeous animated video that introduces the organization’s activities.

Lower down the page are a slideshow of photos of the individuals and communities that Barco Sorriso have helped, also as testimonials by both dentists and volunteers. These diverse sorts of content are all tied together under an equivalent feel-good, optimistic visual language and digital illustrations.

The Best Nonprofit Websites of 2020 Make a Difference Today | Website Design Agency

11. Dreams haven’t any Boundaries

Dreams haven’t any Boundaries’ mission is to supply extended education for underprivileged youth in Bangladesh. Their website design employs cohesive visual language that mixes photography, hand-drawn doodles and brush strokes. Together, these visual elements bring back mind the scribbles of a child’s notebook.

Because this website is rich with information and CTAs, it splits its various elements into bite-sized, easily digestible sections.For example, potential volunteers can pick between options like teaching classes pro-bono to helping out with their skills as web designers.

The application process is separated into stages; just one occasion a category is picked using the ‘Apply’ button, subsequent stage pops up as a lightbox. This ensures that the screen doesn’t appear cluttered and forms a smooth overall experience.

12. Arte

Arte works with children to make visual art projects centered around themes of human rights. Their website includes inspiration and tips for raising awareness of various social causes through art, like via mural painting or zine making.

With an easy-to-navigate design and a seamless user experience, this nonprofit website is well-thought-out right down to the last detail. They’ve also included a favicon (the small icon at the highest of your web browser), abbreviating the organization’s name into its first initial, which makes it readable in favicon size. the location also features a carefully crafted name , with a .org domain extension to suggest that this is often a noncommercial entity.

13. The Give Work Challenge

The Give Work Challenge may be a business plan competition, supporting social entrepreneurs in Kenya and Uganda. because the signature program of the Leila Janah Foundation, it strives to fight youth unemployment by providing capital and mentorship to talented individuals in East African countries.

The website presents this information with short, bite-sized paragraphs that visitors can quickly skim read and learn from. With the assistance of photographs, videos and enormous , visually appealing statistics, it’s easy for users to urge conversant in this nonprofit’s important work.

14. The Africa Narrative

The Africa Narrative may be a project of the University of Southern California’s Norman Lear Center in partnership with CrissCrossGlobal. It sets bent broaden awareness of the 54 African nations and their diverse cultures, innovation and entrepreneurialism and an overall “richer telling of Africa’s story,” drawing attention to the continent’s growth instead of its conflict and poverty.

The initiative’s website features a good array of content, from photographs of past events to videos of conversations by and about people from Africa. The photos and videos are displayed using the “Website BUILD and DESIGN” Pro Gallery, which enables for this massive amount of visuals to seem equally good on this nonprofit’s mobile website, too.

15. Hold Your Fire

Hold Your Fire may be a personal project led by illustrator and designer Kristina Filler in memory of her father, a faculty teacher killed by gun violence. This initiative raises money for gun safety through the sale of illustrated t-shirts. The Hold Your Fire shirt merges a dove with an open hand into one beautiful design, exemplifying the utilization of illustration for a social cause.

By employing a hand-painted illustration, alongside a really personal story and a minimal website design, Hold Your Fire treats what’s often a controversial topic during a light-hearted and genuine manner. To date, the project has raised $11,000 for its cause.

16. Ascend

Through mountaineering and leadership training, Ascend aspires to empower young women in Afghanistan. The physical challenge of hiking , followed by the sense of accomplishment at summiting the height , are mutually evident on the fullscreen photo on the highest fold.

The website displays many photos of Ascend’s different mountaineering feasts, telling the program’s story during a highly visual way alongside text and video. The homepage also embeds the program’s Instagram feed, in order that their newest content always shows abreast of their website.

The Best Nonprofit Websites of 2020 Make a Difference Today | Website Design Agency

17. Artrepreneurship

Brooklyn-based creative collective and agency Artepreneurship, helps local artists jump start their careers through workshops, tools and personalized training. The website’s asymmetrical design is colorful and artistic , all the while retaining full readability.

The Donate button is prominent within the upper right corner. At the left may be a navigation bar that permits for straightforward access to the website’s menu, a logo leading back to the homepage, the collective’s social media links, and a web form for leaving them a note.


Based in Minneapolis, MIGIZI nurtures the event of the Native American community. They hold many youth programs, from journalism to leadership to high school partnerships, so as to assist youth achieve success economically, educationally, socially and culturally.

MIGIZI, which suggests “bald eagle” within the Ojibwe language, was founded in 1977 as a radio production. With their history so rooted in media production, it only is sensible that they’ve used their website to start out a blog during which they share updates and reportings concerning their community.

The MIGIZI nonprofit website also enables visitors to donate and support the cause, register to approaching events, check in to at least one of their programs and far more.

19. Good Bitches Baking

This New Zealand-based charity is on a mission to spread kindness through home-baked goods. With over two-thousand volunteers and 25 chapters round the country, this organization bakes for communities browsing a rough patch like families with loved ones who are ill, or individuals dining in soup kitchens.

Good Bitches Baking’s website greets visitors with large, delicious looking photos, and uplifting written website content that calls kindness, sweetness and cake. along side a fun font pairing of a classic serif with a contemporary sans-serif type, the result’s an irresistible homepage design.

20. Travel with a Purpose, Inc.

Travel with a Purpose, Inc. donates school supplies, clothes and shoes to less fortunate children round the world. Their website utilizes a mixture of photography, animation, and illustration to get out their vision and activities.

Note, for instance , how a photograph of worn-down flip-flops on a child’s feet, barely held along side plastic bags, is transformed through animation into a shining new pair of sneakers. It’s a fun and imaginative way of instantly explaining what this nonprofit organization is all about.

The Best Nonprofit Websites of 2020 Make a Difference Today | Website Design Agency

21. CharacTours

As soon as this website opens, a pop-up lightbox welcomes visitors with a crucial message, asking them to support the organization through donations or contributions.

The site itself recreates an old-fashioned look, immediately reminding us of days of yore. With sepia photography and vintage type, the web site is in line with the CharacTours’ theatrical walking experiences, introducing audiences to the history of latest York City.

Free nonprofit website templates

When creating a nonprofit website of your own, you’ll start from scratch or customize one among these designer-made website templates to suit your organization’s style and wishes . These three nonprofit website templates will get you on the proper path:

Women Empowerment NGO: This template is crammed with all the features needed for a nonprofit website. Starting with an outsized and crowd pleasing Donate button at the highest , it also includes a blog, a testimonials section, an inventory of upcoming events, and even its own podcast.

Food Charity: This charity template features a fullscreen video on its first fold, in order that visitors are often clear on what it’s that you simply do early . There are some ways for site visitors to urge in-tuned , from live chat to social media links, donation buttons, and a newsletter.

Environmental NGO: Express your message loud and clear with animated typography on a video background, encouraging site visitors to support your cause. This template is neatly organized, with a blog, podcast, photo gallery and more, each on its own designated page.
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