The Best and Worthy Small Business Website Samples of 2020

A powerful online presence is imperative for little business owners. With numerous potential customers checking out businesses like yours, you would like to make sure that your brand leaves an enduring impression online. To help you create an internet site that’s professional, engaging and memorable, we’ve hand-picked this selection of the simplest small business website examples, all built on “Website BUILD and DESIGN”.

The Best and Worthy Small Business Website Samples of 2020 | Website Design Agency


For getting you started, you’ll also find two free business website templates that you simply can fully customize and make your own:

  • Piboco: App website
  • Ception: Tech startup website
  • Objective: Lifestyle eCommerce website
  • Holyziner: Freelance photography portfolio
  • Puffin Packaging: Eco-friendly packaging website
  • Bonny: Creative agency website
  • Islango: Yacht rentals website
  • Acupuncture with Fabi: Acupuncturist website
  • Ducknology: eCommerce jewellery website
  • Ubio Labs: Mobile accessories website

01. Piboco: App website

Piboco is an interactive reading app for youngsters , created by a collective of book makers. Its homepage design is clean and uncluttered, with large text placed on top of playful geometric shapes.

With the assistance of concise written website content, site visitors are introduced to what the location is all about as soon as they enter. Following this textual description, a prominent call-to-action (CTA) button immediately encourages them to download the app.

The header makes navigation effortless, with an internet site menu and a logo that leads back to the homepage when clicked. There’s also a language toggle, allowing users to modify between the three languages of this multilingual website with ease.

The Piboco site is simply as inviting in its mobile website version, with added interactions like animations and a welcome screen.

The Best and Worthy Small Business Website Samples of 2020 | Website Design Agency

02. Ception: Tech startup website

Ception’s brand identity is clear in every aspect of its business website. From its tech logo to the clearly defined brand colors – a dark primary color and 4 accent colors that begin as compared – everything on the page comes together to make one cohesive story.

Ception also uses a mixture of visual elements, including illustrations, icons and pictures , to spotlight their advanced localization solution.

By implementing top website design tips, the site’s hierarchy is crystal clear. It’s easy to ascertain which elements are the primary to draw our attention, in order that the foremost significant features don’t go unnoticed. this is often achieved through variation in text size, like larger headers, also as text weight, like bold call-to-action text.


03. Objective: Lifestyle eCommerce website

Accomplishing not one but two great website ideas, Studio Adjective has created both a web interior design portfolio for showcasing their projects, also as a separate eCommerce website for selling their products. Their online store, Objective, exudes a high-quality, minimalist lifestyle in everything from the online design itself to their wide selection of products.

Applying the split-screen website layout, the page is vertically divided in two down the center . For added visual interest, the store’s logo is found at the very center, where the 2 halves meet. the brand stays put as site visitors scroll down, tying this web design trend together.

When browsing through Objective’s products, site visitors are met with impeccable product photography. By use of hover effects, each of the pictures changes into an alternate view of an equivalent product when hovered over. this easy change makes for a more interactive shopping experience and increases the products’ appeal.


The Best and Worthy Small Business Website Samples of 2020 | Website Design Agency

04. Holyziner: Freelance photography portfolio

Igor Ntwari, also referred to as Holyziner, may be a freelance photographer based in Burundi. His photography website was built on Editor X, the advanced creation platform from “Website BUILD and DESIGN”. Igor’s website employs enlarged typography and overlapping layers to make a trendy , edgy look.

Adding to the present sophisticated design are Igor’s font pairings, combining both serif and Helvetica typefaces (with and without little embellishments at the ideas of the letters). Another unique typographical touch to the web site is his handwritten signature, which appears at the website’s footer and is a bespoke logo design.

The online form on the ‘Contact’ page reinforces an equivalent visual language because the remainder of this portfolio. With enlarged typography and thin black lines, site visitors are invited to fill in their information. If any of the small print are incomplete, the lines turn red to point the error. These friendly microinteractions guide site visitors within the right direction, improving the website’s user experience.


05. Puffin Packaging: Eco-friendly packaging website

Eco-friendly packaging concern Puffin demonstrates the worth of making your own logo. Note how their logo is a key element within the web design itself, repeating within the header, the favicon (the little icon at the highest of the browser), and therefore the product photographs.

Yet an excellent logo is merely one component to putting together a brand. Puffin has also crafted a catchy slogan to encapsulate their business and spirit – “Delivered fresh, naturally.”

Another important element is their brand voice, which is applied consistently across their website. The written copy maintains a light-weight , conversational tone, with fun phrases (like, “give us a buzz on the telephone”) that help the brand come off as human and approachable.

This same tone is employed within the testimonials section of this professional website. As proof of their customers’ love for the merchandise , Puffin opted to show to the enthusiastic responses of pets. It’s an unconventional approach, bound to put a smile on site visitors’ faces.

The Best and Worthy Small Business Website Samples of 2020 | Website Design Agency

06. Bonny: Creative agency website

The homepage of this creative agency’s small business website is clean, neatly dividing the page into sections using strips. the web site colour scheme is comprised of deep, earthy tones, and when paired with illustrations and black and white photography, the result’s an effortlessly chic look.

By creating a blog called Bonny Journal, the duo behind this agency is in a position to share their expertise within the field of conscious living. It’s a gorgeous blog example that touches on a spread of topics, from second-hand fashion to self-love practices.

The website’s ‘Contact’ form may be a lightbox that slides into view from the proper corner of the screen. This helps site visitors leave a fast note from whatever page of the web site they’re currently on, while matching an equivalent impeccable typography and color palette because the remainder of the location .


07. Islango: Yacht rentals website

With a video of calm turquoise waters and aerial photographs of yachts, this small business website offers to require visitors on their next adventure. the location is provided with advanced tools from Corvid by “Website BUILD and DESIGN” to assist users book sailing vacations online.

Using database collections, Islango displays large amounts of knowledge concerning their various travel destinations and itineraries. They also utilize dynamic pages to create an outsized amount of sites , while maintaining a uniform design throughout.

For quick and straightforward communication with site visitors, Islango includes a live chat widget which remains available on all of the website’s different pages. On their FAQ page, a number of the foremost common customer questions are answered for the advantage of all site visitors.

08. Acupuncture with Fabi: Acupuncturist website

The use of digital illustrations elevates this acupuncture site into one among the simplest small business website examples. The illustrations are tailor-made for the web site , helping it paint a more vivid picture of the healing powers of Chinese medicine.

The site is complete with a web booking system, enabling users to simply book their next appointment. Through the mixing of a Members Area, users can check in to the web site and manage their bookings themselves.

Since this is often also the private website of a solo practitioner, Fabiana has added a photograph of herself and shared a number of her background story. This helps build trust and foster a more meaningful reference to site visitors. additionally , it strengthens Fabi’s personal brand as knowledgeable acupuncturist.


09. Ducknology: eCommerce jewellery website

This small business website is edgy and filled with character. Through the mixture of emojis, an exposed grid, and a “deformed” typeface, this New York-based jewellery brand creates a glance that’s equal parts trendy and quirky.

Their written copy takes an equivalent unique approach, with statements like “We just love beautiful cheap things” and many of “quacks.”

The design also makes great use of subtle parallax scrolling effects, adding a way of motion and depth to the page. for instance , notice how the outlined text at the side of the homepage gently glides into view, making it seem animated.

The Best and Worthy Small Business Website Samples of 2020 | Website Design Agency

10. Ubio Labs: Mobile accessories website

Ubio Labs creates accessories for mobile devices. Their website design is clean and includes generous servings of whitespace, giving each element the space it must stand out.

The menu at the site’s header makes for straightforward website navigation. Since this business website offers a good range of products, the ‘Products’ menu is simplified employing a combination of icons and text. This prevents the menu from being overcrowded.

To show even more of their products on their website, Ubio Labs has embedded their Instagram prey on their homepage. This helps make sure that the page is often updated which their freshest content is displayed automatically.

Free small business website templates

When creating alittle business website for your brand, you’ll either build an internet site from scratch or use a totally customizable, designer-made template. These two business website templates can help get you started:

Motivational Speaker: This personal website template launches into a fullscreen video of its business owner in action, instantly establishing a robust reference to site visitors. this is often paired with a bold mission statement that gets site visitors excited about the business and a brightly colored call-to-action (CTA) button that encourages them to require action. The template also features a blog, a bookings system, testimonials and more.

Lawn Care: This template is filled with everything alittle business needs so as to place its best foot forward. From displaying the brand’s services to introducing their story to providing customer testimonials, site visitors are bound to find everything they have . There’s also a built-in bookings system, a live chat widget, and more.