Pages, Products & Visitors


Pages, Products & Visitors (date: 9,9,19)

we don’t place limits on the number of products in your inventory, the pages you will publish or the visitors on your website as long as you don’t exceed the storage or bandwidth plan. Unlimited means you can create as much as pages after we finish your website within the template you have chosen.

  • Pages & Products

You will have the pages within your template choice, for example, you have selected a template that it is one home page design with anchor links, you also let’s say have some additional 2-3 pages. We will create and fill those pages with the content you supply or with the content you purchase from us to publish on your website. However, you may still also ask to create more pages up-to 10-20 pages. We don’t really want to limit our customers, we would like to help you with the page amount as much as you need for your website, business, etc.

However, we also can’t let bully the project by asking us to create 50-100 pages within the same cost. If you need pages like those numbers well, you may reach us to get a quote for more pages. We will gladly do our best pricing, depends on the package you have chosen. You may also anytime create all these pages by yourself with your very own login and everything. If you need some help about that, we can also do our best via our Support Ticket System.

  • Visitors

You may have unlimited visitors means, it is really it is. You might have 1,000,000 visitors in a month or 1 visitor in a month. You will be limited to your Hosting Bandwidth limits! So that is a different scenario. This is about Hosting limits, Our hosting package limits are available on our Hosting Page please consider reading them. Let’s explain with a short simple sample. Your home page is 1 MB, you also have Website The Lion, then your Hosting Bandwidth limit is 200 GB Monthly and %100 of your visitors they visit only your home page, then you may get up to 204,8K visitors monthly. Mathematically is 1GB=1024KB so 200 GB=(200 GB x 1024 MB)=204,800 MB that makes 204,8K visitors in a month. However, you may anytime reach us to increase your limits.