Own Your Website FOREVER!


Own Your Website FOREVER! (date: 9,9,19)

100% Ownership Rights. You will be owner of your website with top administrator access, rights and responsibilities. Its your business and your website for forever. You may use our hosting or you can get your own hosting anytime, any company you want too. You will get a digital copy of your website shared with you as a link on your account panel. Wix, SquareSpace and many other competitors don?t sell the websites, you just rent their system. The Moment you stop paying them, you are loosing all the work and investment you put out there.

Actually, it is really self-explanatory. We don?t lease the websites, so the payment you will put for your project is what you really own for forever. However, you will be responsible to maintain, check the website or being responsible for any changes, updates you make. So we suggest also to get a private backup service for many of our customers. But we don?t really push to sell those applications. This is your own free decision to have a private backup system to secure your website, investment. You will update your system, if your system malfunction due to update, bad installation, faulty management, etc. any reason that cause is will be your responsibility since you are the website owner. Simply to say, if you go ahead and break the website down or delete the contents or just go to your server account and broke things then you will be responsible to fix it or you may reach us so we can help you by giving you a quote for any services.

You will also have your download link ready when we first finish your website building. You may download it and keep on your computer, on a disc or a USB drive as you choose. Your download link will be available as long as you use our hosting plans. If you decide to change, switch or terminate your hosting plan, then you will be responsible to move your own hosting by yourself or you may give your credentials to your new hosting company they may do that for you. That decision and plan all will be yours to make. We keep our hosting plans cost as less as possible so we keep our clients as long as they need their website. But we also don?t push our clients to stay on our hosting as well. It?s all your decision to make and we are here to help as well.

You may anytime download your website digital copyright after we finished your project or you may also anytime move your website from our servers to your choice of server on any company you like. If you need us to do that moving process please reach us and get a quote. We will gladly help you with any of your needs.