Mobile Responsive Websites


Mobile Responsive Websites (date: 9,9,19)

every level website is responsively designed and mobile-ready. Any page on your website will look great on any devices.

Every template we use to build our websites is created responsively a.k.a. mobile-friendly, mobile-ready, etc. Your website will change its design by the device your visitors land on it. Your menu may turn itself into a hamburger icon, or sometimes it may even disappear and come up with a logo design. So please be aware of choosing a template that you think you may fit in. We suggest our customers try their template on a mobile device too before they make a decision. You can not change the template as you want anytime. We build and design your website on a template you chose. Changing a template requires to put your content and images again!

However, we can help in some unique scenarios if we think our client is really in need of switching a template, but still, you will be responsible to put your own content again. Otherwise, we will need to charge you for that extra service due to the extra cost of labor and time.

You will/are the owner of the website! So if you create any pages after we finish building your website, your template still will be responsible (as long as the client doesn?t break the theme options). The pages you create may include some pictures or texts which is way too bigger than your page size and/or you may not know how to put those contents with the rule of Responsive design, the client is very own will be responsible within the changes, edits, adding, inserting the contents and creating the page cause no responsive or not a look as expected. However, still you may reach us and we will be able to help you with any extra project or help you need as well.