How to Use and Access to your Account Management Panel

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we would like to first welcome you to our family! This page will help and guide you with our custom “Account Management Panel” which we also call it AMP you will read the AMP word most  of the time. So lets start already.

this guide will be pretty much full of images to show everything from a to z step by step.

website purchased step


  • this is the step you purchased one of our website plans.

website credentials email


  • here is the email you will receive from us. It has your global username, global password, and some other information related to your order.

global username and password section

  • that section has your global credentials which we use for all your accounts and pretty much everything! It is a very complicated long password generated into our system so we highly suggest you keep it that way and don’t update it. However; you may change it anytime, there is no obligation or something BUT please try to keep it the same as complicated before and don’t share with anyone you don’t know. Our suggestion is to use the password by copying and pasting it into the fields you need. It is very complicated and hard to type one by one…

access to amp


  • these links and the button takes you to your account login page.

amp on website

  • or anytime you can use the link on our website top menu that says “MY ACCOUNT” and use your credentials to login into that page! You will need to purchase an active order to be able to access this page. We don’t generate accounts for any order with no payment issued.

account management panel


  • this is how your AMP looks like. You may see the notifications at the top such as says, “pending…”. Your purchased products as green labels, and below there are your credentials available again with your website administrator login URL and everything. The top panel has different sections for you to manage your account with us.

website design amp products

  • this “Website & Design” tab has your products listed

marketing login page


  • We are currently working on The “Marketing & SEO” connection between 2 different websites, you may simply ignore it for now.


support tickets login page


  • One of the most important section we would like to let you know that is “Support Tickets” this page is how we handle the projects purchased on our website. You may use your global username and password to login into that system as well. It requires a second login for further security reasons and it is a separate system.

support tickets first login

  • this is the support tickets welcome screen, if you would like to create a ticket different than what we already created for you, then you may use this screen or simply click on the exit button to skip the welcome screen.

all tickets overall look on amp

  • this is how all your tickets look like and how we communicate with our customers regarding to their requests, projects, questions, etc. You may reply, attach your contents, pdf, excel, word, zip, rar, jpeg, png, etc. So we use them to create your website or fulfill any of your requests.

create ticket on support system

  • also simply anytime just create another ticket on your own, in case you need it.

pending agreement page

  • this “Agreement” section is for you to take your generated agreement form. Customers are downloading their finished products, websites, etc. only when they sign the agreement of service. You may sign before and after the project is completed. Only that way you will have the “Project Download URL” available to download from our AMP.

agreement form

  • this is the agreement form that the link will take you.

payments page on amp


  • The “Payments” section has your invoice records and works to pay any remaining balance if exists. However, you may also make any additional payments into your pool balance to use further orders as credit or we may ask you to pay additional payments by using that screen for any extra projects upon orders

coupons on amp

  • The “Credits” section shows your Coupon Code to use on our websites. Credits information is available on this page how to use them? and what they mean? You may simply put this code for your further website applications order. In this sample, a $40 coupon is available for $150 and up orders.

profile update on amp


  • The “Profile” page is where you manage your account information. But we suggest our customers keep the same information what they gave us the first day when they put the order. OR not to update any of them until we at least finish the projects to avoid any conflict draft information. It is better not to touch or at least wait until the project is completed. Most of our customers use this page to only update the password we created maybe.

This is how overall AMP and internal system works. Please reach us back if you have any further questions or issues, we will be there to help you out.

Thank You for reading this page