Google & Microsoft Ads Credit


Google & Microsoft Ads Credit (date: 9,11,19)

$100 Value! Offer valid in US and Canada. New Google Ads customers after spending the first $50 & Microsoft Ads customers after spending the first $25

We create you a brand-new account so you can log in into your Google Ads and/or Microsoft Ads account to use those credits. We are not only a website design company that we build your website. We also do digital marketing on of our website name is Search Engine Marketing and SEO. You may create your ADs by yourself on that account or you can also reach us to get a quote for us to create and/or manage your advertisement accounts anytime.

We supply you the account and you will need to create your own advertising campaigns if you are interested in. We don?t ask or push you to use these accounts. They will be eligible as long as Google and Microsoft Policies doesn?t change. These are the credits from Google and Microsoft ADs, they are not related to us in any way. They may change the policy anytime without asking us, however, we would update our information immediately if such change would happen.