Fully Customizable


Fully Customizable (date: 9,9,19)

you may anytime edit, add and make any changes on your website. Create your perfect website by customizing the look of your pages, feel free to make any changes. We will create your website with the template you choose and you may customize it anytime you want.

You will choose a template when we build and design your website, that?s right! BUT You are also the owner of the website, so you are free to make any changes with it. You may even change completely literally, anything you want, just do it! Change the colors, change the design, remove things, add things on it. You will be the only administrator of your website so you can really see the codes and make any changes on it.

However, we don?t do those changes for you, we have the 4 packages of websites and you select the template that you would like to have your website as it is. If you ask us to make any changes that require template edit then we may give you a quote to do that. You may change yourself with your responsibility to make any changes but we don?t build custom websites within the package prices. You may reach us if you need any custom website so we can give a quote for you.

Also what we believe is nowadays many client or who interested in having a website doesn?t really know what type of design they want. They kinda know what they may need or to show on the website but most of the clients don?t even know what is their exact design, so having 40+ templates is a very reasonable option that you may see yourself and select one of them.