Email Accounts


Email Accounts (date: 3,13,21)

create your very own custom email addresses with your domain name! Login via server, outlook, phone, tablet any platform anytime!

Other website companies don?t even mention about email accounts, we do!

Every website or company, especially the professional ones uses their own custom emails to be able to get in touch with their own clients in a professional way. We create your custom emails and forward them into your personal email as well so you can easily access those emails anywhere as you used to. You may also connect a custom email into your very own Gmail via POP3 settings. You may see some information on Google easily.

Almost all website companies don?t even mention this, they just give you the website. We want our clients to have a look of professional and still not pay any extra cost for that. You will have your email accounts active as long as you are on one of our hosting plans. If you decide to move your hosting to another company then you will be responsible for moving your email accounts and data. Emails are very private data and the website owner is responsible for them. We can?t retrieve a deleted email, we can?t call back an already sent email, or many similar scenarios. We don?t take any responsibility for these accounts however we have the right to terminate a customer account if we realize any spamming activity on the server. Email accounts are strictly limited to up to 50Mb per email account and the owner must use via POP3. Otherwise, your email may stop receiving emails after reaching its quota of 50Mbs.