Delivery Time


Delivery Time (date: 9,9,19)

it is an estimated time and it depends how fast client supplies the content and responds on support tickets

So we feel ourselves as responsible to give you as an estimated time frame on your website or projects delivery time. Website The Cat is only the package that we don?t put your contents on it. We just give the website, template, server and install the technically everything for you, you will put your own content and that website will be the most likely the same day yes. We put your content for all other website packages. So speaking of Delivery time is depends on how fast you as our client will supply the content, how fast you respond your support tickets, how to correct content you supply, so that fast we put your contents on your website.

We also don?t push our clients to respond to their tickets nor we push you to get the contents as fast as possible. It is your website, your business, your project and you as the owner of the website it?s your very own responsibility to have some will on your own project. We will gladly and fast respond to your tickets, and if you supply the content as enough as possible we will definitely stick with our written delivery time frames and do our best. We also don?t give free contents nor we push our customers to buy contents from us too.

We don?t require to decide a domain name first to be able to purchase your website service, no. You may get any website and decide what domain you will use with it and what template you would like us to design for you. That decision process is also a time-consuming detail that we don?t take responsibility as delivery time. We also encourage you to think about your best decision by taking your time. Simply you may buy your website today and decide about your domain and template choices a couple of months later as well. We will gladly help you back whenever you are ready.