cPanels Allowed $200/yr Value


cPanels Allowed $200/yr Value (date: 9,12,19)

save $200 a year!  cPanel is the industry leading web hosting control panel with all the tools you’ll need on your own dashboard. | Other hosting companies charge a fee for cPanel – we don’t! You litteraly manage everything on your own easily with no coding necesseraly

create & manage your very own Email accounts, FTP access, databases, dns zones, create/restore full backups and many others

cPanel is one of the most popular server software that allows you to make almost any changes with no coding knowledge necessary. We give you the admin (administrator) a.k.a. root access for your own hosting. This is such top access that you may make any changes and see everything. It also means top-level responsibility. You may delete or edit something that it may break your website or cause many possible issues. You won’t need to login into your cPanel pretty much never but if you are such user knows or wants to learn well we encourage you to have some experience and manage it yourself too. You may find many youtube videos or contents available on the internet free access.

However, we are not responsible for any changes you make on your very own website. You are the owner of your website and it is your management and responsibility if you change something. You may reach us back to fix things or ask some reasonable questions via support ticket system. If such a scenario is bigger than a ticket support inqury then we may give you a quote to help you out in any case.