Cache, Optimize & Compress Setup


Cache, Optimize & Compress Setup (date: 9,11,19)

automated caching, optimizing and compressing systems enabled, as long as you are on our hosting plan, so you don’t need to worry about any of these setups. This setup helps with the speed, SEO and decreases the heavy load on the server

Caching, Optimizing files and compressing the website hosted on a server is a very big deal on a website, especially with a WordPress website. This helps to decrease the usage and the heavy load on the website server and increases the ranked authority on such search engines Google. There are many applications or setup systems to offer this such a system with some extra cost.

We don’t charge any extra and include these setup into our website servers. We believe that a website supposes to be as good as professional as should be so our clients can take advantage of their website. We believe a website is also an investment so, that’s why this system is included as a basic feature on all our websites.

SEO has some basic rules and having a fast, optimized, compress website is one of the most important ones. You won’t need to put some very technical base such as, paid applications or troubling what setting is the best setting between developers or marketing companies. We have the most commonly accepted settings already applied to your website.

We have this system is only available if you are on our hosting plan. If you move your website into some other hosting company, you will not have that feature enabled as long as you do it on your own.