Bandwidth (date: 9,12,19)

more media you add to your website, more bandwidth it requires. Keep data downloading smooth and site visitors happy. This is a monthly usage of data renews itself every month.

If we see that you exceeded your Hosting plan limits, we may ask you to upgrade your plan to be able to keep using it. We suggest our clients be in touch with us before having some interruptions on your hosting. For example, you used 200gb of your monthly bandwidth and your website may face interruption in monthly bases as long as you don?t upgrade into a higher package.

We know a regular website may need how much space and usage limits. You may anytime also reach us and get a quote for your any projects, we will gladly help you out. Let?s explain with a short simple sample. Your home page is 1 MB, you also have Website The Lion, then your Hosting Bandwidth limit is 200 GB Monthly and %100 of your visitors they visit only your home page, then you may get up to 204,8K visitors monthly. Mathematically is 1GB=1024KB so 200 GB=(200 GB x 1024 MB)=204,800 MB that makes 204,8K visitors in a month. However, you may anytime reach us to increase your limits.