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We are the “Website BUILD and DESIGN” | Looking For Web Designer

Your friendly, affordable and professional web design agency | looking for web designer. We make you own your website forever with no monthly payments! You may get a website as low as only $100 However we got 4 different levels of website packages for your needs.

Own Your Website within 5 Simple and Fast Steps | Looking For Web Designer

  1. Select a Website Plan: Take your time and decide which one you need; we assure you the higher level is the better results and more features you will get. If you need more details on plans listing, just go to our home page on a desktop computer and hover your mouse on the list, you will see a short summary or click on “More Details” to go to a page with the information you need. Looking For Web Designer | Still need some help chat with us, give us a call at 754.231.7474 We will be here 7 Days a Week | 8 am to 9 pm
  2. Choose a Template: Select a design for your website; browse in our wide template selection over 150+ for most of business and projects. However, don’t forget all of our templates are good for any website. For example, you may like the colors or structure of a Dentist template and we can still use that template for your restaurant business by simply just putting with your images and contents on it and now it belongs to your website project. Looking For Web Designer |They are all responsive and all professionally tailed down for your needs.
  3. Order Your Website: Fill out the Website Order form in 30 seconds only. Finish the payment or just submit your information, if you would like to ask for some further information before the payment. Looking For Web Designer | Select your website package, select your template which you may decide later too, add logo, content or some website applications if you need some.
  4. We Reach You! We call you & create an account for your website so you may log in and manage your own account. You will have access to your “Account Management Panel” and you may see your products, services, and most importantly you will be able to access our ticket support system. Looking For Web Designer | Ticket support system will help us to build your website by you submitting your own content, images or any questions. We will also reach you via our ticket support system for any further details we will need to build your website.
  5. Website Launched: The website will be ready on time as promised. However, it may vary by how fast you may submit your content or respond to the ticket support system. Looking For Web Designer | We don’t rush you! So, you respond whenever you have your time. We will be there just to help you and support you when you need.

Monthly Promotion

It is a FREE “Google Schema Application” giveaway with any website order! Our Monthly special promotion is good with any website order!

Latest Website News

We have just published a very knowledgeable post with the title of “Hosting Companies Comparison Chart”. We have compared 5 trendy hosting companies in detail and 5 other companies with some quick information. You may leave your comments below and get involved with the post today. Go to our Blog to see that Hosting Companies post. We should all know how important hosting for a smooth website experience. Because it wouldn’t matter how beautiful your website looks or how well-made if it is working slow. So go and take a look before you decide about it and compare our website plans, we are pretty sure that we got some reasonable website plans for anybody, any business.

However we are currently writing our new Blog article right now, please stay put while we work on it!

We are working! COVID-19 Update

We keep all our team members as safe and sound as possible just to help you efficiently.  We are aware of your business needs that are affected by COVID-19 Corona Virus. We are here to help and reach us for any support and help you need. We offer remote video calls and zoom video demonstrations for our clients. Just make sure you have scheduled your video call.

What makes us REALLY Different than other Web Design Companies?

We are well aware there are a lot of options such as Wix, GoDaddy, Sitebuilder, Weebly, Squarespace, etc. They are well-known famous website design companies. We can only make business by giving you more and charging you less than them. Looking For Web Designer | There is no secret! We simply put more of our time and labor. This list shows only some the biggest differences, we could make that list even longer but we are different because;

Other Web Design Companies

“Website BUILD and DESIGN”

  • they charge you every month
  • ⭐ there is no monthly payment
  • you won’t be able to own your website; you are just leasing in terms
  • ⭐ we believe a website is an investment so we make you own your website forever by simply giving you a link on your account page so you may download an offline copy of your entire website! You can be a free bird with us.
  • you need to take your time and learn how their custom-made system works and yet still need to build by yourself, by editing the template or putting your own design one by one with hours of work
  • ⭐ we don’t force you to touch a thing; you simply just submit your content and images to us and we publish, edit, put everything for you ready. However, you can still log-in and do it all yourself too.
  • No root access, no cPanel management, no real customization if need. It is just limited access
  • ⭐ We don’t limit you; you are the owner of your website and you will have the top admin root access to everything within its responsibility you may literally change everything…
  • They make you wait on the support line for an available customer representative
  • ⭐ We got a direct phone within instant help just give us a call and say hey… try yourself 754.231.7474
  • Some small web design agencies may request from you to get a quote since they don’t have some settled down the system as we built
  • ⭐ No Quote Needed we are transparent with our prices and services small or big we play fair to everyone! We are proud of our prices so we have them published already.
  • You can’t ask for an article or content, images, custom logo, custom video, custom animation, dedicated marketing or any extra website applications for your needs. You are limited to what they give
  • ⭐ We can simply supply you all those with the listed prices and you can see we got 5 different categories of applications over 30+ and raising every month more